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Recent nursery sights and seedlings
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NEWS AND NOTES...thanks for checking out out newest introductions and daylily offerings. All 5 plants are excellent performers here in northern West Virginia, blooming and increasing well without any extra care other than what nature provides.  Scrolling down this page will bring you to photos and descriptions of our newest cultivars. This past summer was a strange one with multiple hard storms sandwiched between periods of high temperatures and dry weather.  However, pod production was excellent, resulting in over 19000 seeds evenly divided between dips and tets.  Many have this year's intros in their parentage so bloom season in 2024 should be interesting indeed.  Have a great bloom season and thanks again...and kind, it's easier!
Mike Derrow
6247 Roberts Ridge Road
Moundsville, WV 26041                    

2023 ADENA DAYLILIES  - 5 new introductions...4 diploids and 1 tetraploid...all are registered with the AHS... each is a proven performer in our garden and most have played important roles in our   hybridizing program.
                                     Prices listed in descriptions for new 2023 offerings are for double fans

      MOST OF OUR NEW INTRODUCTIONS ARE QUITE LIMITED THIS YEAR - 15-20 plants available to sell of each variety...
 1). CLICKING ON AN IMAGE shows a larger photo of the bloom in slide show format.  
 3). HOVER YOUR MOUSE over PRICE LIST WITH PHOTOS for previous introductions we are offering this year
 4). ORDER PLANTS by printing and filling out the ORDER FORM (2nd drop down menu) and mailing it to me 
     It's always a good idea to check on availability of your desired plants by emailing me at
 5). THREADFALL is back...but LIMITED!!   And we've got some PINK STRIPES plants too - original, not tissue cultured.
 6). If you missed out on DELINQUENT DOLL, ADENA DIAMOND DAN, ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS or WARMER CLIMES in 2020,          then shame on you, lol!  Give them a look and consider adding one of them to your won't be disappointed!

THIS PAGE: 2023 INTRODUCTION PHOTOS and DESCRIPTIONS, 2022 INTRODUCTION PHOTOS plus some possible 2024 INTROS at the bottom of the page.

GET THE POINT - diploid - (Sharin The Secret x Dream Sequence), height 36 in., bloom 7 in., season EM, Dormant, 35 buds, 5 branches, huge, open faced, flat blooms with bright pink petals and a very large yellow green throat, marked with many white teeth on petal edges. This plant begins blooming in llate June and continues into mid to late August on tall well branched scapes with arching blue-green foliage underneath. With good growing conditions and adequate water, it rapidly increases, creating large clumps. Fertile both ways, it is producing multiple toothy seedlings, including the one on the right below which is a cross of If Pelicans Could Smile x Get The Point.  The double bloom photo shows 'Pelicans' alongside Get The Point to give an idea of just how large GTP blooms actually are.  To my knowledge, there's nothing else like it at this time.

I'm blown away by the size, vigor, color, fertility and of course, the teeth of this diploid beauty and feel it has the ability to impact diploid hybridizing just as much as my earlier introductions, Pink Stripes and Threadfall, have previously.

$200 for double fan plants

5 inch bloom of If Pelicans Could Smile compared to Get The Point bloom
Get The Point seedling

ELLISON'S ELEGANCE - diploid - (Ellison seedling x Caribbean Perfection Plus), height 32 to 36 in., bloom 5.5 in, season E, Semi-evergreen, 30 buds, 5 branches, a pleated yellow green throat, and it reblooms here with adequate summer rains.  This is totally Bob Ellison's hybridizing work, all I did was purchase the seedling from him as he was going out of business. It's a stunning bloom and plant with beautiful pink color, extreme ruffling and a pleated throat (on a diploid!). It's a great hybridizing tool for multiple traits, however, it has a couple traits anyone buying it should be aware of.  First, the blooms will hang up occasionally due to the extreme ruffling. This mostly occurs during periods of dry weather. Also, buds tend to be crowded on the top Y so some blooms may not open fully.  Finally, it's a bit of a bouquet bloomer, a trait that is somewhat rectified with rebloom.  I've added other photos of it blooming and the photo on the extreme right below is a seedling out of Ellison's Elegance showing how it passes on the ruffling and pleating.  It does wonders when crossed with cristates, too.  EE has easy pollen fertility but pods take work, are small and contain few seeds.

$100 for double fan plants

Ellison's Elegance seedling

STRIPE THE TOWN - diploid - (Carnelian Chameleon x Pink Stripes), height 34 in., bloom 6 in., season Mid, Dormant, buds 30, branches 3-5, yellow green throat.  This is the next step in broken color out of the Pink Stripes line and what a step it is.  The petal color is a deep rose to cherry red, the 'stripes' are a beautiful light rose pink and show more linear refinement being longer (fewer broken elements), narrower, more parallel and more numerous. Plus, Stripe The Town is a better breeder FOR ME than Pink Stripes throwing a greater frequency of striped seedlings with cleaner petal and stripe colors and it often passes on the narrow character of the striping.  The plant is easily fertile both ways and pods hold a lot of seeds. Scapes arch gracefully and there is some rebloom in years with adequate rainfall.  

$150 for double fan plants

Stripe The Town seedlings

RING NEBULA - diploid - (Under the Ink x  ((Artisan's Touch x Frequent Flyer) x Ida Mae Norris)), height 36 inches, bloom 5.24 inches, season E MID, Dormant, 32 buds, 5 branches, yellow green throat. Blooms have nicely ruffled edges and medium grape purple petal color with multiple rings of purple, violet, indigo and lilac in the eyezone area.  The tall scapes, many blooms and rich purple color values intersected by the startling white midribs creates a stunning display in the garden. It's VERY dormant, going completely underground in winter here and is easily fertile both ways, giving the hybridizer many seeds per pod.  There are three other photos of the plant in bloom below and on the extreme right is a photo of a seedling out of Ring Nebula showing a larger bloom, wider bands of color and in particular, an intense indigo blue ring. 

$100 for double fan plants

Ring Nebula seedling

HAWKING RADIATION - tetraploid - (Chantry Chapel x Desire Of Nations), height 34 in., bloom 6 in., season Mid, Dormant, buds 30, branches 3-5, yellow green throat.  What a cross and what a parent.  Hawking Radiation was the best of 4 select seedlings from a cross of 11 seedlings total.  It's tall, rugged, fertile and many of the seedlings out of it "jump the fence" being even better in quality than the parents. The pollen is extremely fertile and it will set pods too, though they might take some work and pods here don't contain many seeds, even for tets.  Still, I've got hundreds of seedlings out of it and it's behind almost every toothy purple seedling that has been selected recently.  It makes a wonderful open clump, blooms are nicely spaced on the scape and it passes on hardiness and other good traits to seedlings.  

$100 for double fan plants

Typical scapes
Hawking Radiation seedlings

UPDATED 2022 introductions...

ADENA IDA'S GEM – diploid - (Ida Mae Norris x Adena Diamond Dan), height 30 in., bloom 6 in., season M, Semi-Evergreen, Rebloom, 25 buds, 4 branches, Wide, flat blooms with luminous pink petals and a yellow green throat, marked with a large vibrant scarlet eye and complete picotee edge This plant begins blooming in late June and continues into late August on medium height scapes with arching blue-green foliage underneath. With good crowing conditions and adequate water, it reblooms easily, always producing 2 rounds of scapes in my zone 6 garden. It is marginally pod fertile here the pollen is extremely fertile. This has been my frequently used pollen over the last 4 seasons and it’s producing some wonderful seedlings.  

$60 double fans

Folks, words and photos really can't describe how good I feel this daylily's a beautiful combination of the best qualities of both parents and puts on a great show for almost 3 months due to the superb scape and rebloom which starts just as or immediately after blooms on the first scape are finished.  This one gets my highest recommendation for garden value and is a great breeding tool, too (though can be tough to get pods).


DANCING ON MY OWN – tetraploid - (Soli Deo Gloria x Transylvanian Tango), height 33 in., bloom 6.25 in., season Mid, Semi-Evergreen, 28 buds,  5 branches. DOMO has large flat blooms of medium purple with a darker eye and a bold yellow green throat.  Petals are rimmed with abundant white teeth. This plant begins blooming in early to mid-July and continues into late August or  early September on tall scapes with arching blue-green foliage underneath. It is pod fertile here (I had bee pods on it last summer) and the pollen is extremely fertile.

$80 double fans. A FEW AVAILABLE FOR 2023

Honestly, there's an overabundance of purple blooms with white teeth on the market, but few of the quality of this plant, both as a garden specimen and as a potential parent.  With unique parentage, DOMO is producing quality purple and dark red seedlings (even some pinks); it's behind almost every toothy selection I've made over the past 3 seasons.  As a parent, it seems to help at least some of the resulting seedlings jump ahead a couple of generations, with bloom size, scape height and branching, plus the number of teeth all showing improvement at once on the same seedling(s).

HITS DIFFERENT - tetraploid - (Heartbeat Of Heaven x 16 Tons)...height 30 in., bloom 5.75 in., season Early Mid, Semi-Evergreen, 25 buds, 4 branches.  Dark purple petals with very light lavender watermark and vibrant yellow green throat. The ruffled white petal border is edged in ruffled, bubbled yellow gold. This plant begins blooming in early July and continues into mid-August on nicely branched medium height scapes with arching blue-green foliage underneath. It is of average to low pod fertility here and the pods you get will likely be small with few seeds…but I DO get pods!!! The pollen is extremely fertile however.

$80 double fans A FEW AVAILABLE FOR 2023

If you want drama in the garden, this one certainly provides it. The rich dark purple blooms with the stark contrasting watermark and white ruffled edging make a gorgeous clump in the garden.  There were some beautiful seedlings from HD in the beds this year and their and HD's pollen were spread liberally this past summer.

SUMMER STITCHERY - tetraploid - (Ashwood Summer Sunshine x unknown)...height 34 in., bloom 6 in., season Midseason, Semi-evergreen, Rebloom, 30 buds, 5 branches. Flat pertals of gold, diamond dusted self with a large yellow gold eye and a minute green throat. The eye is bordered by a feathered triangular purple eyeliner band. There is a double edge of narrow purple picotee bordered with translucent gold tissue with fine teeth on the petal edges. This plant begins blooming in late June and continues into August on tall, well branched scapes with arching blue-green foliage underneath. Rebloom scapes usually come on while the initial round is still blooming. It is pod fertile here and the pollen is extremely fertile. It creates an extremely strong visual statement in the garden due to the scape height and intensity of the gold color.

$100 double fans 

This one!!!  I thought it was unique when it first bloomed and years later, still feel that way about it, after not having seen anything like it in the seedling beds or other gardens in 25+ years of hybridizing.  Strangely, I haven't used it much in hybridizing but worked to correct that over the last two summers and am eagerly anticipating seedlings this coming summer.  Late rebloom scapes were 38" with 7 (seven) way branching!!!

THUNDERBIRD DANCER - tetraploid - [(Special Candy x Whale Tails) X Sometimes Shadows Speak]...height 30 in., bloom 5.75 in., season Midseason, Semi-evergreen, 25 buds, 4 branches. It displays flat near white/cream blooms with a rich purple eye and picotee edge. The green throat, eye and sepals are marked with multiple chevron patterns often taking on the shape of a thunderbird. This plant begins blooming in early July and continues into August on medium height scapes with arching blue-green foliage underneath. It is pod fertile here and the pollen is extremely fertile. Though variable, the patterning shows on most cool, warm and hot days.

 $100 double fans    A FEW AVAILABLE FOR 2023

There are a lot of patterned daylilies being introduced these days but few (maybe none so far) with such clear, clean petals.  The near white petal color makes the eye and patterning stand out and the arching dark green foliage creates a wonderful clump.  Though not listed as a rebloomer, I get some rebloom on a few of the lineouts every year.  I'm looking forward to seeing lots of seedlings over the next few seasons from using it as a pod and pollen parent on many of the best southern patterned daylilies.  And you can be sure I'll use it heavily this coming summer with my patterned acquisitions from northern gardens.

People have been asking when these 4 seedlings will be introduced...they will likely be 2024 releases along with a couple more possible introductions...I've held all 4 due to great initial interest creating a desire on my part to have enough plants for them to be affordable to most everyone that wants one, including the 'general' daylily lover.

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