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This slide show includes seedlings from the last couple of years in the seedling beds.



NEWS AND NOTES...HEALTH ISSUES WERE THE NAME OF THE GAME IN 2023 as heart, kidney, blood pressure, lung infections and Covid all impacted the daylily season. I made a lot of crosses but wasn't able to line out all new intros or older introductions so at least some plants sent out this year will be taken from larger clumps while others won't be available for another year or so. Our 6 new intros for this year are excellent plants here in zone 6 northern WV and should do well a couple zones south and at least one zone north of our garden. If you have any questions about plants, you can contact me through this site (CONTACT US above) or with the email address listed below. Have a great bloom season and happy gardening!
                 Mike Derrow   6247 Roberts Ridge Road   Moundsville, WV 26041                    

2024 ADENA DAYLILIES  - 6 new introductions...3 diploids and 3 tetraploids...all are registered with the AHS... each is a proven performer in our garden and most have played important roles in our   hybridizing program.
                                             Prices listed in descriptions for new 2024
 offerings are for double fans
                                           MOST OF OUR NEW INTRODUCTIONS ARE QUITE LIMITED THIS YEAR...
      It's always a good idea to check on availability of your desired plants by emailing me at


2024 INTRODUCTION PHOTOS and DESCRIPTIONS, 2023 and 2022 INTRODUCTION PHOTOS plus some possible 2025-2026 INTROS at the bottom of the page.


Tetraploid, (Vision Seeker x Orange City), 30", 5.25", EM, Semi-Evergreen, 4 way branching, 22 buds. Fever Dream is ALL about color and garden impact. I guarantee you'll notice this one from 40 yards away and it passes on stunning color to seedlings. Fertile both ways, but I don't get many pods from it. Excellent parent.

$100 - double fans


Tetraploid, (Desire Of Nations x Diviner’s Handbook), 36”, 6”, EM, Semi-Evergreen, 4-7 way branching, 22-32 buds Easily fertile both ways, wonderful parent that is behind many of my best purple seedlings and selects. Finest purple in my nursery!

$100 - double fans


Tetraploid, (Master Harper x Vision Seeker). 35”, 6.5”, EM, Semi-Evergreen, 5-7 way branching, 25-32 buds, reblooms every year here, fertile both ways but pods are difficult, small, and produce few seeds, good pollen parent.

$100 - double fans


Diploid, (Under The Ink x Dream Sequence) X (Under The Ink x Chaotic Design), 36”, 6”, M, Dormant, 3-5 way branching, 18-25 buds. Easily fertile both ways, sets almost every pod attempt,  wonderful parent, very vigorous, clumps up quickly and sets scapes a different heights in the clump. Pods aren't large but easily produce 20+ seeds or more.

$100 - double fans


Diploid, (Under the Ink × ((Artisan's Touch x Frequent Flyer) x Ida Mae Norris)), 36”, 4.75”, EM, Dormant, 3-4 branches, 20-26 buds. Fertile both way, pods take effort here…full sib to Ring Nebula…quickly makes a graceful clump. I didn't manage to get this one lined out last fall so plants will be taken from clumps and likely will have more than 2 fans.

$75 - double fans


Diploid, (Chaotic Design x Only In Dreams) 38”, 6.75”, M, Semi-Evergreen, 4-6 way branching, 22-30 buds. Pollen fertile only for me so far, blooms on a tall, wonderfully branched scape and produces lots of proliferations.  Makes a stunning tall clump in the garden,

$60 - double fans

 2023 introductions...

GET THE POINT - diploid - (Sharin The Secret x Dream Sequence), height 36 in., bloom 7 in., season EM, Dormant, 35 buds, 5 branches, huge, open faced, flat blooms with bright pink petals and a very large yellow green throat, marked with many white teeth on petal edges.

$160 for double fan plants

STRIPE THE TOWN - diploid - (Carnelian Chameleon x Pink Stripes), height 34 in., bloom 6 in., season Mid, Dormant, buds 30, branches 3-5, yellow green throat.  This is the next step in broken color out of the Pink Stripes line and what a step it is.  

$125 for double fan plants


ELLISON'S ELEGANCE - diploid - (Ellison seedling x Caribbean Perfection Plus), height 32 to 36 in., bloom 5.5 in, season E, Semi-evergreen, 30 buds, 5 branches, a pleated yellow green throat, and it reblooms here with adequate summer rains.  This is totally Bob Ellison's hybridizing work.

$80 for double fan plants

RING NEBULA - diploid - (Under the Ink x  ((Artisan's Touch x Frequent Flyer) x Ida Mae Norris)), height 36 inches, bloom 5.24 inches, season E MID, Dormant, 32 buds, 5 branches, yellow green throat. Blooms have nicely ruffled edges and medium grape purple petal color with multiple rings of purple, violet, indigo and lilac in the eyezone area. 

$80 for double fan plants


HAWKING RADIATION - tetraploid - (Chantry Chapel x Desire Of Nations), height 34 in., bloom 6 in., season Mid, Dormant, buds 30, branches 3-5, yellow green throat.  What a cross and what a parent.  Hawking Radiation was the best of 4 select seedlings from a cross of 11 seedlings total.  It's tall, rugged, fertile and many of the seedlings out of it "jump the fence" being even better in quality than the parents. 

$80 for double fan plants - A FEW AVAILABLE FOR 2024

 2022 introductions...

Ida Mae Norris X (seedling x Ink In The Snow) - ADENA IDA'S GEM.jpg

ADENA IDA'S GEM – diploid - (Ida Mae Norris x Adena Diamond Dan), height 30 in., bloom 6 in., season M, Semi-Evergreen, Rebloom, 25 buds, 4 branches, 


$35 double fans

DANCING ON MY OWN – tetraploid - (Soli Deo Gloria x Transylvanian Tango), height 33 in., bloom 6.25 in., season Mid, Semi-Evergreen, 28 buds,  5 branches. DOMO has large flat blooms of medium purple with a darker eye and a bold yellow green throat. 


HITS DIFFERENT - tetraploid - (Heartbeat Of Heaven x 16 Tons)...height 30 in., bloom 5.75 in., season Early Mid, Semi-Evergreen, 25 buds, 4 branches.  Dark purple petals with very light lavender watermark and vibrant yellow green throat. The ruffled white petal border is edged in ruffled, bubbled yellow gold. 


SUMMER STITCHERY - tetraploid - (Ashwood Summer Sunshine x unknown)...height 34 in., bloom 6 in., season Midseason, Semi-evergreen, Rebloom, 30 buds, 5 branches. 

$55 double fans 


THUNDERBIRD DANCER - tetraploid - [(Special Candy x Whale Tails) X Sometimes Shadows Speak]...height 30 in., bloom 5.75 in., season Midseason, Semi-evergreen, 25 buds, 4 branches. It displays flat near white/cream blooms with a rich purple eye and picotee edge. 

 $60 double fans    A FEW AVAILABLE FOR 2024

Possible 2025-2026 introductions

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